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New Port Corfu – Greece

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Yacht Management

Our experts services

Our comprehensive range of offerings caters to your every need.

Main Marina Management

From expert underwater diving services and impeccable yacht carpentry, whether it’s the removal and replacement of teak decks, refurbishment, or the repair of internal woodwork, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Maintenance Services

to enhance the elegance of your yacht’s exterior/interior. Using high-pressure water, we offer thorough hull washing, removing grime and restoring its lustrous appearance. Our gel coat-antifouling treatment ensures long-lasting protection against fouling organisms.

Vip Services

Experience the epitome of luxury with our travel agency services. Your safety and security are paramount to us including bodyguards and security personnel.


  • Berth Arrangements

  • Shipyards Reservations

  • Arrival & Departure Formalities (Port Authorities)

  • Customs Clearance / Immigration

  • Provisioning

  • Cleaning / Laundry

  • Medical Assistance

  • Skippers/ Hostesses/ Day Workers / Cooks

  • Bunkering

Maintenance SERVICES

  • Removal and replacement of teak deck, refurbishment of teak deck. Removal of old caulking and applying new. Re-grooving for new calking. Replacing old screws with new low profile screws. Replacement/repair of teak planks.

  • Repair of internal woodwork. New internal woodwork, doors, drawers etc. Varnishing of internal woodwork. Reconstruction of cabins.

  • Yacht surveys

  • Underwater Diving Services

  • Barnacles' removal and hull cleaning

  • Yacht Carpentry

  • Internal Carpentry

  • Crane & Travel Lift services arrangements

  • Hull washing with high pressure water

  • Gel coat-antifouling treatment

  • Under Water Running Gear Cleaning

  • Technical Support & Spare Parts


  • Voyage / Itinerary Planning Directions

  • Personal Guide / Translator

  • Travel Agency

  • Guided Tours

  • Luxury Car Rental

  • Limousine with Chauffer Rental

  • Helicopters & Private Jet Hire

  • Bodyguards- Security

  • Massage / Beauty Services / Physiotherapist / Reflexologist etc.

  • Medical & Nurse Assistance

  • Special Events

  • Flower Arrangements

  • Hotel & Villa Accommodation- Reservation

  • Beach Reservation for Events

  • Itinerary Suggestion & Planning

  • Selection of Beaches According to Owner's / Charterer's Preference

  • Historical & Archaeological Site’s Briefing Suggestions & Reservations

  • Restaurants / Clubs / Bars Suggestions & Reservations

  • On Board & Shore Side Entertainment

  • Crew / Passengers Transfer